Was Craig Having a Horrible Seizure? If He Wasn’t, Then What Was Going On?


Craig, one of my more clever students, conducted his breaching experiment at the McDonald’s in the Student Memorial Union at Arizona State University. He coordinated his “breach” to take place at the busy noon-rush hour when hundreds of students would be in the area.

First Craig queued in line; something people take for granted and do as an almost unconscious routine. The queuing lines were parallel to each other rather than a “cattle shoot,” where a single line leads to the person(s) at the head of the line being helped in order of their queue.  

As the order ahead of his was completed, it was time for Craig to approach the cashier. As he stepped up to the counter, the clerk asked, “May I help you?” It was at this point that Craig quickly dropped to the ground and started to wiggle and vibrate like sizzling bacon in a hot pan. 


The people in line took immediate notice of Craig convulsing on the ground. These onlookers began to converge on this unusual scene. This bustling activity caught the attention of a nearby policeman, and he scurried over to investigate whatever it was that was causing the commotion. Having training in first aid, the officer cleared the area around Craig, kneeled down and asked him, “Are you okay?”

All-the-while Craig continued vibrating and shaking on the ground. Based upon what procedure the officer was following, it was apparent that he thought Craig was having a seizure. 

Craig continued to talk to the officer in a rational and calm manner caused the officer to become confused and he asked Craig, “Then what is happening?”

Craig could barely contain his smile as he said, “I’m having a Big Mac Attack!” 

In an instant the officer went from concerned to visibly upset. But because there was no law against having a Big Mac attack, he forced Craig to sit up and in a stern and commanding voice said, “Go have your Big Mac attack somewhere else!” 

The bystanders all began to laugh and leave the scene. 


Big Mac atatck 2




Big Mac Attack Commercial # 1


Big Mac Attack Commercial # 2

 You get the point.




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