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My best friend drove a taxi for many years. I, on the other hand, rarely drive. So when my sister flew in from Phoenix, my friend offered to pick her up from the airport in his taxi.

My friend and I drove out to Denver International Airport; about a twenty-five mile drive.

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Since the taxi belonged to my friend, I was seated in the passenger seat. And upon arrival at DIA, I suddenly felt a mischievous mood overtake me. As we pulled into the arrivals terminal, I decided to duck down out of view. I told my friend to follow my lead and play along with what I was about to do. 

DIA arrivals

The passenger-side window was already open. So as he pulled up to the group in which my sister was standing, from my out-of-view position I told him to pull up to where my sister was and instructed him to ask, “Did someone call a cab?” Only blank stares from the group. The group must have looked surprised, because no one would have “ordered” a cab from that particular area in the airport.

Next, I coached him to ask. “Did anyone coming from Phoenix order a cab?” I thought it would be fun to see how this whole breach panned out as I instructed my friend to keep on going with my shenanigans. Again, blank stares.

I knew this was going to get good, so I told my friend to next ask, “Did anyone named Padilla order a cab?”

My sister’s ears perked up as a look of confusion crept across her face. After all, why would a random cab driver ask if anyone in the group had come from Phoenix specifically, and then ask if anyone named Padilla had done it?

In her somewhat bewildered state, she came over to the passengers side of the cab, bent over into the vehicle and delivered a punch I’ll never forget. Ouch! She must have figured out something was going on! 


As we drove home, it was time to debrief her and start asking her to recall what was going through her mind as she “made sense” of what was going on.

Ultimately, she said that she came to the conclusion that I was too lazy to drive all the way out to the airport and that I must have hired a cab to do the duty. Remember, I rarely drive. So this incident had to “make sense” to her in some way. That’s what my sister concluded; that I was too lazy to drive all the way out to the airport to pick her up and I had paid someone else to do the favor. 

We joked and laughed about this gag all the way home.

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