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Sesame Street 

During the 1960s, the government decided that the older racist generations were proving to be very incorrigible. So, when the creators of PBS decided to change the social conditioning of the newer generations. They did such “engineering” by showing the young audience that people in the inner-city environments could all get along. The setting for Sesame Street is the ghetto. Learning counting and colors was the manifest purpose of the show. However, the latent purpose had some rather social implications. Learning to get along with others was the latent purpose!

Sesame Street

Why a ghetto setting?


Some people believe that Bert and Ernie were “slyly” being portrayed as gays so that children of future generations would be more accepting of gays. They’re reasoning is that this is why the producers of Sesame Street clothed them in rainbow-themed clothes. What do you think, a stretch or not?

rainbow flag 2


More Social Engineering?


These days I understand that the Cookie Monster is going to be transformed into the Veggie Monster because of an epidemic of diabetes. Could this be true? More social engineering from the power of TV?


Give me cookie! Cookie! Cookie!

veggie monster (edit)

Give me veggie. Veggie monster want veggies.


To Get Children to Accept War as Normal? 


When the US was threatening to invade Nicaragua, the Sandinista government (in power during the 1980s) decided to prepare the Nicaraguan population for war; mentally too. This is how they made their children begin to view war as a normal part of their lives.

Nicaraguan Math

Three grenades plus three grenades equals six grenades.


People with strange Accents Can’t Be Trusted


Imagine how the Denver Public School board would feel about this type of math lesson! Yet, the US did something similar during the Cold War. The US “conditioned the children to think that people with thick accents (Russian) and strange names (Boris Badenov with a name that sounded like “bad enough”) were unethical and sneaky! These were people who couldn’t be trusted. Later, when these kids grew up and may have to ship out to Europe to fight such people, they would already have been primed to view them as “less than” human and worthy of “punishment” they deserved.

Stereotyped Russian names and accents.

Plot lines during the Rocky and Bullwinkle show had Boris and Natasha counterfeiting box tops (kids used to collect box tops from cereal boxes and other breakfast products). When the kids went to cash them in for prizes, the clerk would tell then that they could not receive a prize and the children would be shown frustrated and crying. Now who was responsible for causing such pain and agony? Those sneaky weird people with the accents.


God is on Our Side!

The US also needed to have “God” on our side against the “God-less” communists. The pledge of allegiance was “God-less” until the Cold War heated up to a boiling point that certainly threatened a nuclear holocaust. So, in 1958, the US added the words, under God,” into our pledge of allegiance. Before 1958 these words did not exist with the law of separating church and state.

pledge of allegiance (only)

Notice the date of this addition. (on the bottom right; 1958) Having God on our side makes a case for the reason for our conflict. Helps legitimize it.


Jane D. Hull


Jane Hull (backwards)

“Guided by conservative principles and the traditional American values of hard work, strong family, free enterprise and self-reliance.”

Election Mailer for Arizona Governor Candidate Jane D. Hull 

Conservative principles? Strong family? Women in the workforce? What do you think? It doesn’t matter what is REAL, but what matters is what sounds good. We use words like “freedom” and “democracy” as though they are compatible concepts. Not so much! They are antithetical to one another. The more freedom one has, the less they have to listen or abide by other’s “rules.” The more democracy one has, the less free they are to pursue their own agenda. But these days they sound good together!!!


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