After attending the Psychological Warfare Officer’s Course (PSYOPS), I learned how effective the media can be at molding people’s minds. The effectiveness of propaganda is so “normal” that people are rarely even aware that it’s happening. So not only is it effective, but it is also taken-for-granted. 

Look how effective propaganda is; How many of the letters can you recognize? I would bet that you can recognize most of them. These icon images are so well-known, most people can recognize them out of their original context.


letter exercise


Answers to above LETTER QUIZ …



mc donalds logo - 4


These symbols are so prevalent; they are recognizable even out of their original context. McDonalds Golden Arches are so well-known, they don’t even have to have the words “M-C-D-O-N-A-L-D-S” written with them any more !!


mc donalds logo - 3

The font of the ads; the color of the ads, the color scheme of the ads are already using the pre-contextual informational frame/ schema.

best foods mayonnaise
Best FoodsSome other symbols have pre-existing “frames” or meanings. Thus, whenever propaganda is developed, it assumes the original frames help drive home the “new” message! Color, font, and layout all matter.



brain on drugs (color) (reversed)

This message could “go” either way.


brain on drugs (color)

Most people can relate to the implied logic.


Although these are only a few examples, I think they help make my point. 


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