Lesson 19: Toward an Urban FUTURE


Lesson 19: Toward an Urban FUTURE


Palen (9th) CH-17

  1. What will be the major patterns of urban growth and internal immigration in the United States during the next decade?
  2. What roles are transportation and communication technologies playing in shaping metropolitan growth?
  3. What is the “people versus places” issue in distributing federal urban funding?
  4. How has the suburban shift in population affected political power at the national level?
  5. What are the assumptions of the conventional, reformist, and radical approaches to urban problem solving?
  6. What have been some of the planned utopias of the past 50 years, and how successful have they been?
  7. What does planning of the middle range mean, and what are some examples?
  8. How did Portland, Oregon, use smart-growth policies to revitalize the city and how successful have the policies been?
  9. What are the major future influences on the American metropolis as ranked for the Fannie Mae Foundation?
  10. Based on your reading of The Urban World, what do you see as the main problem facing North American cities during the next decade?




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