Lesson 12: METROPOLITAN LIFE: Diversity – Hispanics, Asians & Native Americans


Lesson 12: METROPOLITAN LIFE: Diversity – Hispanics, Asians & Native Americans


Palen (9th) CH-10

  1. What is the current size of the Latino population? Describe its growth and geo­graphical distribution?
  2. Describe the diversity within the Hispanic population and the differences among Mexican, Puerto Rican, and Cuban populations.
  3. Describe the size, regional location, and socioeconomic characteristics of the Mexican American population.
  4. How do segregation levels of Latinos compare with those of African Americans?
  5. What is the current growth pattern for Asian American populations, and where is growth taking place?
  6. What are the differences within the Asian population in terms of socioeconomic status? Which group is at the top and which at the bottom?
  7. What were the consequences for Japanese Americans of their internment in camps during World War II?
  8. What is meant by the term model minority and what are some of its disadvantages?
  9. What is the current demographic and economic status of Native Americans?
  10. How has movement to cities impacted Native Americans?




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