Lesson 8: AMERICAN URBANIZATION: The Suburban Era


Lesson 8: AMERICAN URBANIZATION: The Suburban Era 


Palen (9th) CH-6


  1. How did 19th-century suburbs differ numerically, economically, and socially from post-World War Il suburbs?
  2. what role did the electric streetcar play in the development of suburbia?
  3. What were the major reasons for post-World War II suburban growth?
  4. How did the Veterans Administration (VA) and Federal Housing Administra­tion (FHA) change residential housing patterns?
  5. What frequently mentioned common­ sense “causes” of suburbia played minor roles in the 25 years following World War 11 (from 1945)?
  6. v\That are some of the categories of sub­urbs discussed in the text?
  7. What is the “Myth of Suburbia”?
  8. According to extensive research, how did residents of Levittown differ from city dwellers?
  9. Are suburbs still lily-white or have they become multiracial and multicultural?
  10. How do minority suburbanization pat­terns differ among African Americans, Latinos, and Asian Americans?


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