Lesson 7: AMERICAN URBANIZATION: Metro and Edge City Growth


Lesson 7: AMERICAN URBANIZATION: Metro and Edge City Growth


 Palen (9th) CH-5


  1. How is the metropolitan area replacing the city as the major urban unit?
2. What was the major population flow within metropolitan areas during the last half century and how did it differ from the pat­tern of the first half of the 20th century?
3. How does the Census Bureau define urbanized areas, metropolitan statistical areas, and consolidated metropolitan statistical areas?
4. What economic activities have decentralized from central cities and which have not?
5. How are edge cities defined and where are they located?
6. What are the primary characteristics that distinguish edge cities from traditional city cores?
7. How do malls differ from additional downtown shopping?
8. How has the sunbelt changed in the 30 years since it was first named and discussed?
9. What currently are the major regional population shifts and what are the consequences?
10. What problems face the Sunbelt?



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