Lesson 6: AMERICAN URBANIZATION: Ecology and Political Economy Perspectives


Lesson 6: AMERICAN URBANIZATION: Ecology and Political Economy Perspectives


Palen (9th) CH-4

  1. What is meant by an urban ecology ap­ proach to the city?
  2. How have patterns of invasion and suc­cession shaped American cities, and how do they affect cities today?
  3. What is the Burgess zonal hypothesis, and what does it say about tbe growth pattern of American cities?
  4. Does the evidence support or contradict the Burgess Hypothesis?
  5. What are the sector and multinuclei models of urban growth and how do they differ from the Burgess model?
  6. Are growth patterns outside North Arnerica different, and if so how?
  7. How does the Los Angeles School sug­gest the postmodern city differs from the Chicago School model?
  8. What are the assumptions of political economy models of cities?
  9. What is the urban growth machine ideol­ogy, and how does an urban growth ma­ chine model differ from the political economy approach
  10. What is world systems theory, and what are its assumptions?




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