Lesson 5: AMERICAN URBANIZATION: The Rise of Urban America


Lesson 5: AMERICAN URBANIZATION: The Rise of Urban America 


Palen (9th) CH-3

1. What is the ecological complex and what are its four concepts or categories of variables?
2. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the ecological complex?
3. What role did agriculture play in the development of the first urban settlements?
4. How were the cities and social organization of Athens and Rome similar and how did they differ?
5. How was the medieval city spatially organized and how did its organization change during the Renaissance?
6. How did the 14th-century plague, the black death, change the social organization in Europe?
7. What are the crucial differences in the ideal type social structure of preindustrial and industrial cities as listed by Gidion Sjoberg and Louis Wirth?
8. What is the demographic transition and how did it affect city growth?
9. What was the second urban revolution and what were its consequences?
10. What were the effects of the 19th-century Industrial Revolution on life in cities?




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