TIMING Phase-2

TIMING (Black)

Phase-2) The Movies with Connie 

– I was living with Connie

– Connie & the girls were huge movie buffs

– Phoenix in the hot summer

– It was a Saturday

– I was working outside

– Girls came and asked if we could go to the movies

– I agree

– They tell me it starts in 30 minutes!

– Lucky we live close by

– I’ll park; you go stand inline for tickets

– I go park

– They go in

– I come in looking for them (scanning, searching, crowded)

– I find them!

– Who is in line right next to us? (my ex and her new boy)

– BAM! Just when you let your guard down!

– I gave $ and went to “get some good seats”

– I didn’t tell my GF

– Didn’t think it should have any “spillover” effect




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