San Diego Hyatt

My girlfriend got a great deal on a hotel in beautiful San Diego.She found a great deal on a room at the Grand Hyatt. She gave this to me as a graduation present. We took the trip with four of her sorority sisters on Memorial Day weekend after graduation.

After an all-night drive, we arrived in San Diego at sunrise. This was too early to check into our hotel, so instead of going to the hotel, we had breakfast at a restaurant then walked along Mission Beach. The beach was full of kelp and the water a bit chilly, but the sun was shinning and and it was a warm day. We ended up hanging out on the beach and visiting the beach attractions.

kelp beach SD

By early afternoon, we had walked the beach for miles. By this time, all of us were full of sand and sunburnt. So we decided to head to the hotel and check in. All of us needed a shower and an air-conditioned room.

When we arrived for check-in through a huge line (Memorial Day weekend). We were all hurting and sore from our beet-red skin. We also had on the clothes we had driven in all night en route to San Diego.


We waited our turn in line as it slowly snaked through the roped ques. When it was finally my turn, I approached the counter. Immediately I could tell the clerk had major attitude. He said with major attitude, “Last name?”

I responded, “Padilla.”

The clerk dug in with even more attitude. It cause perplexed me. But at this point, I was tired and just wanted to check in and head to our room. I figured I’d just play his game and get it over with.

He questioned  me even more. “How do you spell?”

“P-A-D-I-L-L-A. Pete Padilla,” in a tone that said “enough already.”

What came out of the clerks mouth completely blind-sided me; completely blind-sided me.

Dr Padilla! Would you like valet parking?

valet parkingHuh?!?!

“Did I hear that correctly?” I thought to myself. Just a moment ago, I could swear this clerk was displaying major anti-me attitude. Now here he was, not only greeting me in an inviting tone, but how the heck did he know I was a doctor?

I must have looked like a deer-in-the-headlights, and managed to half-whisper a “Sure.”

As I walked with the women toward the elevator, my bewilderment must have been evident. My girlfriend asked, “Did everything go okay?”

In a tone of disbelief, I told them what had just happened. Then the plot to this mystery took another turn. When I asked how the heck that clerk knew I was a doctor, my girlfriend suddenly got animated, smiled widely and said, “I told them! When I made the reservations. Any girl will use their boyfriends status, it’s just how it works.”

hyatt room key

As we looked at the room keys, we realized that the clerk has assigned us to the top floor overlooking San Diego bay. It was awesome. An aircraft-carrier was in port and the view of the area was fantastic. We had a fantastic time staying at that Hyatt.

San Diego US Navy






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