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101 dalmations original backward clock BDU Maternity Uniform - Copy body_builders (huge and ugly) bodybuilder (ugly) brown cloud2 bryant jersey (new) Concentration Camp  skinnny Concentration Camp bodies Concentration Camp oven2 Concentration Camp ovens 3 dalmatinas 2 dalmation c dalmation pound 3 dalmation pound dam (control nature) dam 2 (control nature) david as keith 1 david as keith 3 david_cassidy1 D-Day Cover (pastiche) democracy flag Dr Phil GET REAL dumbo1 Dumbo-Posters Encyclopedia Front Page (progress) 1 Encyclopedia Front Page (progress) 12 Funk & Wagnalls 1960 2 Funk & Wagnalls 1960 gay republican 2 gay republican Get Real wall golf-snow close up Gomer Pyle Mix hopper DISH indoor skiing 3 indoor skiing Indoor-Beach-1 Ocean Dome Japan Indoor-Beach-2 Indoor-Beach-4 Ocean Dome Indoor-Beach-5 Ocean Dome waves indoor-skiing-new-jersey Japan Ocean Dome arial Japan-Ocean-Dome 1 Jerry Garcia + Speakers (B+W) Keith as David (opposite) keith partirdge poster 5 keith partridge t-shirt kobe new jersey purple kobe new jerseykobebryan 1957 Lakers (back) kobebryan 1957 Lakers kobebryan Minn Lakers (Back) kobebryan Minn Lakers (f) lady-justice mickey_minnie_disneyland NO Super dome nuclear bomb 2 nuclear bomb nuclear cloud 2 nuclear cloud 3 obama cafeteria catholic Ocean Dome blue sky ocean dome closed Ocean Dome waves Organizational Man (book cover)_2 Partridge Family covers B+W partridge_family_cast pc text cover (a) pc text cover (b) PEOPLE Sex + the City PF-KeithPartridge Photo0116 progun democrat 2 PT Cruiser 2 real real world book cover real_world_logo rudolph song Saudi Snow (Indoor mall) science evil scientistSGT CArter in Vietnam ski saudi 2 ski saudi 3 ski saudi 4 ski saudi 5 ski saudi snarling dalmation Chile Snow Golf snow golf driver 3 snowgolf the white super dome basketball seating Superdome (various colored seats) SuperdomeIV The Nam (post modern comic) The Santa Clause 1 - Copy The Santa Clause 2 - Copy The Santa Clause 2 A - Copy The Santa Clause 2 B - Copy The Santa Clause 3 - Copy Tim Allen Mug Shots traffic jam traffoc jam blurr truth 2 truth definition





[1] The M*A*S*H timeline (painted into a corner)

[2] Throwback Jerseys (Pastiche)



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