A curious phenomenon exists in the United States; one that has baffled me for some time now. US citizens tend to know that corruption exists in the world, yet think somehow it just magically jumped over and skipped our country. Sure they read about corruption here and there. Yet most people don’t want to believe the amount of corruption that exists in the US or in HUMANKIND for that matter. As President Roosevelt stated:

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

– Franklin D. Roosevelt


FDR would know. Not many people realize that a cabal was formed to overthrow FDR and appoint in his place a fascist a dictator. The plot was to arrest FDR and his administrators, suspend the US Constitution, and then run a fascist dictatorship. This “fact” is conveniently left out of the public school curriculum. Other plots and conspiracies also exist and have existed in the US and will be addressed in this section. Happy viewing.



Basic Politics 

The Means of Administration

The Labor Movement

World Systems Theory 

Guerrilla Warfare


Somalia & Beyond 

The War on Terror




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