Broncos Soundly Defeat Panthers in Super Bowl 50!

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Let me begin this blog with a shout-out to the SUPER BOWL CHAMPION Denver Broncos! What an incredible season! There are a couple of issues to write about.


[1] First, let me thank Brock Osweiler (“The Kid”) for his part in getting our team to this pinnacle. After all, he did beat the undefeated New England Patriots and the Cincinnati Bengals who were nearly unbeaten. It’s my feeling that Coach Kubiak should have put him in for one play during the Super Bowl.

Lucky jersey SB 50

Lucky Jersey!

[2] I attended a Super Bowl party with long-time Broncos fans! I think we all some sort of PTSD because of the emotional roller-coaster we took with this team while growing up… Broncos have a habit of doing well at the onset of the game, and then blowing it and letting fans down. That’s the worst part. Yet who can blame the fans? So at the party, I was going around offering high-fives and cheering. These fans were afraid to get emotional!!!!!! I couldn’t blame them, but I wanted us to enjoy this drubbing of the Panthers and to have some fun and not so much worry.  However, I must have been exhibiting TOO MUCH energy and the alpha male dog bit me on my arm while I was going around the room high-fiving! No one at the party saw it and were NOT believing me. But I let it go. Soon after, however, Von Miller made another great play and I jumped up and started sheering. Again, the dog bit at my leg! It didn’t break the skin, but I did start to get a clue and did NOT keep cheering anywhere NEAR FIDO!

Cam Newton sacked

[3] What a great game! This was especially nice because no one chose this team to pull-it-off! Not only did they pull-it-off, but never let the Panthers catch up and overtake them like in past games. This was one of the best Super Bowls to view as a Broncos fan.

[4] Any comments about this fabulous game are encouraged and appreciated. GO BRONCOS!

SB 50 A

Anyone want to predict where this team is headed and why? 




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